Wonderful Counselor

Wonderful Counselor

In what is a prophetic word telling of the coming of Jesus, Isaiah 9:6 gives us a description of Jesus as our “Wonderful Counselor”. You may be surprised to discover the Hebrew word for wonderful is “pela” which actually means wonder or miracle. So the “wonderful” in Wonderful Counselor doesn’t just mean delightful and pleasing but also miraculous. He is a miracle-working Counselor who does what no one else can do for you.

But rather than just being the one with all the answers, Jesus is sometimes the one who asks us questions–questions that force us to decide what we really believe. As our Wonderful Counselor, Jesus asks “Why are you so afraid,” “Do you believe I am able,” “Do you want to get well,” and “Why do you doubt?”

We Invite YOU to join us in August as we examine these questions Jesus is asking us, and in the answer discover the power of our Wonderful Counselor!

Dates & Message Titles

August 5: Why Are You So Afraid?
August 12: Do You Believe I Am Able?
August 19: Do You Want to Get Well?
August 26: Why Do You Doubt?

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