The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real

As you scroll through your day, does it feel like everyone else has it all together? Someone always has the best job, cutest kid, best vacation, the happiest relationships, or just overall better life. We’re pressured to measure up to other people’s social media status updates that only perpetuates a very real struggle to keep up.

What if you could find freedom from this Struggle? This five-week series studies what it’s like to live a Christ-focused life in a selfie-centered world. Topics include finding contentment, compassion, authenticity, authentic relationships, and rest.

We Invite YOU to join us over the coming weeks as we seek to break free from The Struggle in the liberty that only Jesus can provide!

Dates & Message Titles

September 9: Fight the FOMO
September 16: Add Me
September 23: Me, IRL
September 30: Meh.
October 7: This is Fine.

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