The Power of Give

The Power of Give

With a new year beginning most of us will take the opportunity for a fresh start with new habits, diets, routines, goals, aspirations, and dreams all wrapped up in a resolution to do things better. But have you ever considered that seeing success in these areas might begin with the action of GIVING first?

Join us this month as we discover through God’s Words, The Power of Give: the Addition within the act of Subtraction. 

When we Give Way to the power of God in our lives, it changes everything, and we WILL find a way of living that is so fresh and flourishing that it exceeds any resolution we could ever come up with. But we’ve got to be willing to GIVE…

Dates & Message Titles

January 6: Give Up
January 13: Give Over
January 20: Give Back
January 27: Forgive

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