Let Us Be Encouraged!

Let Us Be Encouraged!

We are humbled and encouraged by your faithfulness and commitment to pray for us, support us and offer help! Since last we wrote, Illuminate Church has experienced her public launch of weekly gatherings on April 15th. Each week we have been meeting regularly on Saturday evenings at 5:30 pm.

So much of what has started has been an encouragement to us! We have a solid team of people that the Lord is continuing to knit together into a body. We have a God-fearing, Spirit-led and steadfast lead pastor. Our NextGen Pastor, Sarah Baldwin, has done an excellent job kicking off the kids program, and the kids are growing each week!

In the last couple weeks, our gatherings have been made up of mostly our team members. We have had one new family from the community join us, and we are very encouraged by this! While we believe that our purpose is not simply to fill seats, we feel like the Lord has called us here to be light and to illuminate the hope of Jesus to those around us. So many in our city are in need of this hope!

We ask that you would join us in fervent prayer that the Lord would grow Illuminate church in the way He desires–that Illuminate Church would effectively engage our community to lead people to become followers of Jesus, not simply attendees at a church service.

Please pray that God would open our eyes to the needs of our community, as well as draw those who need hope to join our body. I ask that you would pray for our team members that we would continue to grow to be more like Christ in our lives, in our marriages, families and friendships. I ask that you would pray against the attacks of the enemy on our minds, bodies and hearts. Please pray that the Lord would continue to provide for the needs of Illuminate Church and team members.

Lastly, we are looking forward to starting our community groups in the coming weeks. We are really excited about this as it will offer us another organic way of engaging our neighbors and community through invitation. Please pray that God would go before us in this and be over it all!

We are so grateful that the Lord has put us in relationship with all of you, and that we do not have to go about this alone!

Sincerely and with love,

Lindsay Garrison
Core Team Leader | Illuminate Church

Updates & Info

  • Facebook Live: Each week on Saturday @ 5:30 pm EST you can watch our gatherings through our Facebook Page
  • Jesus in 3D: This past week we began a new series titled “Jesus in 3D”. Click Here for more info and to listen to the messages.
  • Illuminate Indy App: Click the “Media” menu tab above to get the newly released Illuminate Church App for iOS and Android!
  • Donations & Giving: For those who have asked, we have made it easy for you to give online, in our App, or by mailing in a donation. Giving options have been updated, so please Click Here for more info 
  • Social Media: You can also keep up to date on Illuminate Church via our social media accounts listed below in this email