8/18/17 Prayer Partners Update

8/18/17 Prayer Partners Update

To Our Prayer Partners,

First, it’s been too long since we last updated you (3 months in fact), and for that we apologize! 

The good news is that our delay in communicating with you was simply because it was a FULL summer! Since our last update in May, our Core Leadership Team has grown with the additions of two amazing young leaders in Michael Oberle, and Becca Mundt! Both are recent graduates from Life Pacific College, and are licensed Foursquare Pastors. They will both be starting our new Pastoral Residency beginning in October, and have both found jobs in Indianapolis. We are so blessed and thankful to have them on our team!

And while the team has grown, we have also experienced the bittersweet in “sending” some of our original Launch Team Members. In May, our worship leader, Kovenant Lingenfelter, felt she needed to take a step back from serving to focus more on her school commitments (Kovenant will be entering her 3rd year at Indiana University this fall). And at the end of July, we prayed over Kyle and Anna Sadler as they stepped down to begin preparing to launch their Church Plant in Avon, IN within the next year. Our Illuminate team unanimously agreed to support their new church financially on a monthly basis, beginning in the new year, and are excited to continue partnering with them!

We are truly grateful to have had Kovenant, Kyle and Anna serving with us as we begin this new work here. We pray blessings over them for their investment in Illuminate and the kingdom!

As we have moved along this summer, we have seen a couple of families from the community join us for our Gatherings on Saturday Nights. We are also beginning to connect within the community with planning service projects, and community engagement events. Our first will be on September 2nd–Labor Day weekend. Instead of our regularly scheduled gathering, we will be meeting at Old City Park nearby for free food, ice cream and games from 5-8pm. Our goal is to get into our neighborhood and say “Hello!” We’ve also added monthly an event we call our Community Mixer. Simply, once a month we create space after service to eat together and hang out!
For more info on any of these events, or to join us, go here!

On a personal note, words can’t express the level of thanks I have for the leaders we have on our team. This summer was a challenge for me. As most know, I serve full time as the NextGen Coordinator for the Heartland District, meaning our family lives at the camp near Chicago during the summer camp season. Because of our amazing team, I was able to alternate coming home every other weekend, and not have to worry about anything when we weren’t there! I simply could not have made it through this summer without them! I believe God is hardwiring into our church the very essence of humility, kingdom mindedness and community from the start–and THAT is what will be attractional to those who need to know the hope that only Jesus can provide.

We are encouraged in what God is doing with and through Illuminate Church. While there are certainly challenges along the way, we can sense and see God Moving and we will boldly go forth! We are so grateful that the Lord has put us in relationship with all of you, and that we do not have to go about this alone! Please see our prayer needs below and join us in prayer!


Chad Garrison
Lead Pastor | Illuminate Church

Prayer Updates:

  • Within our team transitions, we are short-handed on our worship team, and in our Illuminate Kids ministries. Please pray that God will send more leaders in these areas specifically
  • Park Night: Please pray that we will have divine encounters and make connections within our community as we dedicate this event to getting to know our neighbors
  • Our Team: Please continue to pray for our team and the marriages, families, relationships and workplaces that our represented. We always need God’s strength and wisdom as we move forward

Other Updates:

  • Facebook Live: Each week on Saturday @ 5:30 pm EST you can watch our gatherings through our Facebook Page
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